Saturday, November 12, 2011

How to Plan a Holiday Trip?

Every year millions in America sets up for a holiday trip. Whether you are going to your grand mother’s for a family re union or simple holiday trip, these type of occasional road trips are often source of stress. Before going on a road trip different thoughts like having restless children in car, or car trouble such as any technical problem along the way is enough to make anyone consider staying home.

But if you plan your trips then you can avoid such type of problems.

Here are some simple tips for trip planning:

  1. A planning for your trip to holiday destination will be very useful for you. First look at the starting point from where you are leaving then check out the possible routes to your holiday destination. Keep that in mind that on road it won’t be only you driving during holidays there are so many others and traffic is always a factor. Point out the alternate routes or shortcuts because those will help you to reduce time spent in traffic jams and you will reach to your desired destination sooner. This pre planning of your road trip will be handy even in case of detours, road construction or other situations that might block your primary route.
  2. Book a flight to your holiday destination though it’s much expensive but it’s more convenient. Plan your trip early so that you can take the advantage of advance purchase discounts. Many airlines are busy during holidays and booking in advance is always handy because you get then your desired flight.  New York, Los Angles or Atlanta such holiday destinations are always congested during holidays. Try to book a flight to a nearby airport and renting a car for short drive to your destination.
  3. For traveling make a plan for your luggage also if you are traveling by a car then look at that how much room you will be having car for luggage, and how many people will be traveling with you in the car and how much room they will need to travel comfortably in the car. Luggage matter for flights is more concernable because there is a possibility of lost luggage and most of airlines also charge extra for checked baggage. For example for a family of four each carrying a few bags will cost several hundred dollars. For air travels always try to pack as much light as you can.
  4. For a cheap travel avoid peak times. On Fridays and Sundays roads are congested with traffic so make plan for traveling on Tuesday or Thursday because then you wont face any traffic jams. Traveling in night is also a good way because then kids will be sleeping during the trip. For air travel same planning works also that avoid peak times. Traveling in no peak times you are having less chance of delays or canceled flights.
  5. Always keep an eye on alternate travel options aside from flying and driving; you can consider traveling by train, bus or a ship. These options will reduce your stress of driving, or running for airports and you will enjoy your trip also.


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