Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

There is no doubt in that planet earth has such fascinating places that seem part of heaven. Our world is full of such sceneries and wonders which have astonishing beauty. There is only need to search for that, as for every good thing we have to struggle or search same is case for finding such great destinations. Modern life is so much busy that one hardly gets any time for recreation.
Hectic and busy schedule of daily routine life affects your working power. To gain back your work capability, it’s needed that one must get away once in a year to such place where he/she can find peace of mind. Soothing climate and beautiful sceneries re-boost human’s soul. Which makes one relax and he forgets tensions of the daily routine life.
Well those all things carry along one’s life. But getting time for self and family is essential to keep balance in the life.

Tunnel of Love Location

Tunnel of love is great place to see either once in life. Romance is part of human life. Tunnel of is heaven for romantic people. Tunnel of love is located in Ukraine. In western Ukraine Klevan is an urban settlement in the Rivine Raion of Rivne.

If you want to see this beautiful natural masterpiece of beauty then you can access Klevan via T1B17 and H22 roads. Tunnel of located 28.3 Km northwest of Rivne and 50.4 Km southwest of Lutsk along the H22, Klevan is located on the bench of the Stubla River.

Man made Tunnel

The Tunnel of love is a man made tunnel, it was planned for years and it taken years to be in present form. Tunnel of love, Ukraine is a train tunnel, as train passes through the luscious piece of woodland. It passes through a unique passageway which is covered allover by trees.

The train passes 3 times a day from this green leafy tunnel.

A Place for Lovers

Though this tunnel serves as a train route but this place is used by lovers also to make wish. According to local people in Klevan if the lovers are sincere to each other in their love then their wishes comes true.

On the whole Tunnel of Love is a worth seeing place if you travel to Ukraine then try not to miss this place. Whether you are alone or with your loved one!