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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Coober Pedy Australia: The Place Where People Live Underground

Australia is an amazing place which is a country and a continent also. Before Second World War it was hard for world to reach this continent across the ocean. But now this continent is amongst the world’s most developed places. Australia is having diverse climate conditions.
Central Australia is having extreme weather conditions. The dry desert and hot temperature makes it hardiest place to live. But there is something unique about this desert which attracts the tourists. The stark beauty, strange geological formations, unfamiliar type of animals and shrubbery are main source of attraction for tourists in Coober Pedy.  

Coober Pedy is a south Australian town with population of 3500 people and it’s a famous tourist destination for tourists who love to visit extreme climate places. Coober Pedy is located 846 Km north of Adelaide and 645 Km south of Alice Springs.

It will be better that you prepare on forehand before traveling to Coober Pedy. This unique town is also known as Opal Capital of the world as world’s 70% opals coming out of its 70 minefields. Eighty years of mining made this town look like a lunar landscape.

World’s Only Underground Town

But the thing which makes Coober Pedy unique in world is that 80% of population lives there under ground. It’s because of hard weather temperatures which goes up to 50 degrees in summers. That’s why people live in houses dug into the ground. But its not like that people there live like the ancient human beings, these underground residents have all the modern facilities which you can expect in any normal house.

The reason to have underground residence in Coober Pedy is that the insulation makes it cooler and saves the inhabitants from harsh affects of the hot weather.

In Coober Pedy’s other attractions is its Desert Cave, which is the most prestigious accommodation for tourists. It will be a unique and fascinating experience for a tourist to spend some nights in an underground hotel. World’s only underground bar and gaming room is also here. There is also an art gallery, showcasing some of the best work of the artists from Central Australia.

Umoona Opal Mine

If you want to see this culture at its best then it’s necessary that you would visit a mine. Umoona Opal Mine and Museum is the main tourist attraction in Coober Pedy , here you can know so much about opals. On a visit to Umoona Opal Mine you will be guided and shown that how they cut and polish the opal stones. There is an interpretative center in Umoona Opal Mine which explains the history and process of mining and also documentaries are shown. You can see different displayed fossils there which were found in the mines. There is a retail centre also where you can buy genuine Coober Pedy made jewelry.

Locals of Coober Pedy

Inhabitants of Coober Pedy are having relaxed and friendly attitude. Though this is a small town but here you can see incredible ethnic diversity, with over 45 different nationalists being represented.

Exclusive Natural Attractions

Near the Coober Pedy town there are some exclusive natural attractions which are being shown in many Hollywood’s movies. One of them is the Breakaways which is a series of flat topped mesas formed over the years and other is Moon Plains that are a vast expanse of rocky plains unlike anywhere in the world.

There is no problem of accommodation for tourists in Coober Pedy, as they are welcomes always. You can always checking into an underground hotel!