Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Victoria Falls One of Natural Wonders

It is thought that Scottish missionary David Livingstone was the first person who explored Victoria Falls on 16 November 1855. Now that place is where Victoria Falls located is known as Livingstone Island.  Though Victoria Falls were named on the name of Queen Victoria but locally this beautiful place is known as “Mosi-oa-Tunya” which means “the smoke that thunders”.
Victoria Falls are the magnificent natural wonder of the world. That covers a vast area. You cannot capture its beauty in a single eye view. Aerial view of these falls most beautiful and fascinating to eyes. One can feel the beauty of nature in his heart.

Victoria Falls are divided into two countries. It separate Zimbabwe from Zambia.

Though Victoria Falls are not the highest falls of the world but these falls are widest in the world. That’s why Victoria falls as classified largest according to its width which 1,708 meters and its height is 108 meters.  If we compare the size of Victoria Falls with Niagara Falls of North America and Horseshoe Falls then figures shows Victoria Falls are twice wider than the Niagara Falls and almost twice wider than Horseshoe Falls.

In height and width only IguaƧu Falls of Argentina.
Devil’s pool is located on Victoria Falls which famous for tourists and often they swim and in hang in that. Victoria Falls are divided in two countries Zimbabwe and Zambia the tourists can visit these falls from both countries. But tourists usually prefer visiting from Zimbabwean side because of greater development of the facilities there.

Victoria Falls truly shows the real and beautiful face of Mother Nature and its elements. The waterfall from height and river is located so high, that just makes a thunderous noise of falling water.

The Zambezi River flows through the falls in the rainy season it gets flood. The rainy season starts from February and ends in May. November to early April the Zambezi river haves the dry season.

Best time to visit Victoria Falls is February to May because in this season you can really witness the flow of these great at its best.