Sunday, September 21, 2014

Amazing Cliff House over Indian Ocean

Sea view from beach is always fascinating for human eyes. That’s why the homes or resorts made on beaches are always attracting for people. But an Australian company had come through an innovative idea.

What is that innovation it’s just amazing! It’s a hanging house over Indian Ocean, a cliff house. It is designed by an Australian company named Modscape. Truly they had made a unique concept.

This hanging house is being built in south west Australia on cliff over Indian Ocean. It’s a five story building and all three sides of house are having glass. Because of that people inside the house can view the ocean. One can really feel hanging over the ocean.  All five stories of the building are built separately. Which then were joint together with help of steel rods and then was placed with cliff with help of giant steel rods.

Entrance to house is through top story and one can take vehicle inside the house. From top story to down stories one can reach through stairs and elevator.

The kitchen, drawing room and bed rooms are situated at down part of the building. This hanging house is really a wonder of modern architecture!