Monday, October 31, 2011

Work from Home as an Online Travel Agent

Travel industry has been a mystery for many people. Travel agents share the same attributes of their jobs as real estate agents. You can be a travel agent or a home based freelance travel agent, or you can also start travel agent work after your retirement. For a number of people, this is a full time job, while others enjoy it doing as a part-time work. Travel industry is an ever growing industry. If you are looking for a home based work then you can start working as a free home based travel agent. Just by learning few things you will be become able to work as an independent travel agent and earn a good amount of money.

Responsibilities of a Travel Agent

The responsibilities of a travel agent include the booking of travel customers. A travel agent provides information about the available travel options to the customers and makes booking for them with their suppliers. In return to this suppliers pay them a commission based on the number of booking they have made. A travel agent is free to change their suppliers if they see existing supplier not paying them commission. A travel agent is also independent of changing their client service fee for the time which they are giving to their work.

Amount of Commission a Travel Agent Gets

Many hotels pay 10% of the cost of the hotel excluding taxes and fees. If you book your hotel a customer with a $100 per night then you will get $10 on that reservation. In some cases, travel agents can get paid a better price of performing the same work. Booking through an online travel agent doesn’t cost a lot to the customer unless the travel agent charges for the services.

Who Can Do This Job?

Anyone who has set up an account with travel agents can do this job. Many suppliers require their agents to have an IATAN, CLIA or ARC number. IATAN sits for International Airlines Travel Agent Networking. CLIA sits for Cruise Lines International Association. ARC sits for Airline Reporting Corporation.  Memberships for all these companies require certain things such as sales, money in the bank, training in the relevant industry or experience, and membership fee. Most require the Errors and Omissions insurance of $1,000,000 or above.  However, an average travel agent, membership is exceptional, as they can work with some organizations as an independent agent. It is advantageous to work with a travel agency. That is because most of them many of these are unable to make sufficient sales with a specific supplier in order to gain high commission levels and bonuses.

There are more chances to get increased commission percentages when you work with many travel agencies. You also get a consistent support from your agency and it holds importance.

Scope of a travel agent

Travel industry is an ever changing industry. These changes sometimes bring good news for its workers, while sometimes bad news. According to recent changes that have been made, airlines have cut the commissions for their travel agents. Nevertheless, there are still many other suppliers who are paying good amount to their agents. In past, cruises were booked only by the rich people, but this trend has changed now and people belong to all income can book them. Every year more and more people book cruises.

On which services you can earn commission?

Following are the services on which you earn good commissions:

  • Hotel reservations

  • Rental cars

  • Tour packages

  • Cruises

  • Some airline flights

  • International airline tickets

  • Travel insurance

  • Ground transportation

  • Attraction tickets

  • Train tickets reservation

People always need travel agents to make their travel booking practices easier. Selling travel services is not a tough job because people need to travel from one place to another with varying reasons.

How to get into travel industry?

Most people think that they need to have any special training to start their career in travel industry. In reality, truth is quite different from it. You can step into this industry anytime and after getting in start training. Training doesn’t take a lot of time. You can join training courses offered by organizations like ICTA; CLIA etc. working with suppliers is also the best practice to learn this work.

Friday, October 28, 2011

How to Travel In Free?

If you are having any family member or friend who can store your belongings and stuff for a considerable time period, it is a time to start long term traveling. It is obvious that nobody will like your arrival on his doorstep without a planned departure date so be careful when you once decide for visiting someone. Inform them before your arrival so that your surprise may not lead you towards a counter-surprise from their side.

The other factor which is to be seriously considered is the money. You need a lot of money in the hotel expenditures, general accommodation, visits etc. a part from that, money is required in almost all the activities that you normally do during your trip. So keep enough money with you once you depart for a place.

Anyhow, if you want to start off your long term traveling adventure, here are some tips for you which will certainly help you a lot in numerous aspects. You just need to follow them up seriously. Remember they are just the few. Hundred of other ways and opportunities are there and you just need to explore them out. A little effort is of course needed but the output is going to be according the input given by you.

Anyhow, these tips are quite helpful for you if you are seriously looking for a long term travel. So there you go with eight tips regarding the long term traveling.

1. Caretaker’s Gazette

It is quite beneficial if you join this service. The annual membership is approximately 30 US dollars. The chief advantage of the joining is that you gain an easy access to a people who want the individuals to take care of their living places without rent-fees. There is a variety of opportunities for almost every one like campground hosting, ranch hands, motel management, organic farm workers, nursing for the old people etc. There are so many places all around the world from US to Australia, Europe to Micronesia and in short every where.

You can also apply for the additional stipend on the bases of your experience and entailed work. There are many people who are simply working for the world trade arrangements and paying opportunities, all you need is to explore.

2. Woofing

This is also an organization which has got a lot for you. It actually is an acronym perhaps for “World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms”. It is an international organization which has a vast network in almost 70 countries. The organization is of gardens, organic farms, business ranches, exchange of services for accommodation, training and food etc. they are many services which they require.  Some of them are maintenance of basic garden and farm, handy work and caring for the small kids and children. Almost, anyone who is willing to have such lifestyle gets works and opportunities here.

If you work with Woof, you will surely find many links to a number of volunteer organizations and such sort if opportunities regarding the work exchange. You can get a lot of valuable experience by working with them. Moreover you become social and find a lot of friends almost from all kinds of backgrounds and status. Above all, you become able to manage your expenses at your own in a constructive manner.

If you want to gain full access to the listings and contact details, many companies demand a subscription. The details are normally about the hosts. The prices of subscription vary from place to place but they are not over priced for a received value. It thus depends on you that what are your priorities and preferences.

3. House Careers

If you think that you can spend your vacations house-sitting for somebody and you are eligible for it, many opportunities are there for you. There are lists upon lists of the individuals who require people to look after their places of living for varying time period. This time period can be of weeks, months or even years. There is vast range of the place, you can find such work anywhere in any part of the world.

There are some limited free membership options offered by some companies, so better you go for them. One year membership is also offered but it solely depends on your needs and requirements.

4. Organic Volunteers

You can find hundred of worldwide opportunities like woofing and Caretaker’s Gazette. We can simply say that it is just like pick blueberries for a living. The prospects are not at all limited to the organic gardens and farms, but some hostel management jobs, artist retreat internships, jobs related to agricultural and permaculture etc. are also there. Hence it is up to you that what are you good at and what you really want to do. A wide variety of the services have been offered to you so choose according to your skills and preferences.

5. Couch Surfing

It is actually a network of many people who are ready to open up their homes and places of living for the random travelers. They also are willing to open them for those travelers even when they aren’t the hosting guests. There are numerous sites having high quality members and referrals. They have planned out a comprehensive and affective plan for the safety and security of the traveler as well as the host. But it is also to keep in mind that when you are living at a strange place for a stranger, there are many risk factors which must be seriously considered and many precautionary measures must be taken before hand. In short, you need to be extra careful.

6. Global Freeloaders

It is somehow similar to the couch Surfing. It is basically a cultural exchange program for both the traveler and the host. There are no charges for registration, it is all free. The only thing which is needed is that the member must be able to host well and travel as well. So if you lack any of the above factors you are humbly asked to wait.

7. Servas

Servas is basically original couch surfers and Global Freeloaders. It is actually an organization which is non profit, non dimensional, and non ethnic. It just works for the good-will and cultural exchange. It has been working for about 50 years and it is also recognized by the United Nations. A part from working for connecting the people and places, it has got many volunteers who work in the relief camps and work for the peace through a number of projects. It is something which must be appreciated.

The hosts offer their houses, living places and dinner tables for normally two nights to the traveler who just meets with their approval. There is a process known as exhaustive process, and travelers need to go through that. There are some in person interviews which are taken in order to screen and filter the quality and deserving candidates. The interview is normally taken before the acceptance of any individual for a specific work.

8. Hospitality Club

It is internet based. Nothing is charged if you want to join this. It is actually the Servas of the online world and it is also too beneficial. There are many steps which they take for the facilitation of the people and their members. There is a series of passport checks and online feed back system with balances and checks to keep it safe. It is also efficient in working and there is a lot of scope for the people seeking long term travel.

Some of the opportunities regarding the long term have been illustrated above, but they are just few. There are uncountable opportunities and ways which you can go for in order to have such kind of traveling. All you need is to do a little research and discover for the opportunities. Find the best and suitable places. But keep this thing also in your mind that you must be very careful regarding the work and services you do for the strangers and host. You need to adopt some extra precautionary measures for your own safety; otherwise it is a great risk not only to you but also to your life. Always work with a genuine company and once you get to do some work, be sincere and try to be professional.

There is a vast variety of the services and jobs offer, the most important thing that you must keep in mind while deciding for a particular one is your ability. If you are not able to do and perform a particular task which you are choosing, the whole effort gets useless. So be careful regarding the choice of the work as well along with other factors. .
People generally choose to work but later they find themselves in certain disputes like they don’t feel good living at a particular place for some one, especially if the time period is too long. So once you start working, be very professional. This is also a part of the long-term travel.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Best 6 Tips to Buy Cheap Airline Tickets

Traveling through airplane is considering some expensive. High cost of airline tickets and fixed weight of luggage are other important issues while traveling by air. Passengers are usually paid additional charges for extra weight of baggage. Anyone can compromise on extra luggage issue by adjusting its amount. However, higher prices of air fare tickets especially during the vacations is declaring an important and main issue for by air traveling. However, people can save the money in purchasing of air tickets on some proper time.    

1. Compare the Prices

On various occasions, two different persons might purchase the air tickets of a same flight for different rates. It is always frustrating for anyone if spend extra charges for the air ticket of same destination as compared to another passenger. People can save money for air tickets by purchasing on best time. It is suggested that there is no ideal time to purchase the air line tickets. It can’t be predicted that when airline companies will give a reasonable discount on the tickets. However, anyone can save the cash by taking some planning and consideration.

2. Stay Updated With the Rates

It should be necessary to keep on updated with the prices of airline tickets offered by different companies. Passengers should collect information about the rates of airline tickets for concerned destination through different available sources. This could be helpful to buy the cheapest airline tickets on the best time. People can also remain updated from the cheapest airline tickets through advertisements and newspapers. Some airlines and new companies usually offer lowest rates for a limited time. So, one should never wait and waste the time for purchasing those cheap airfare tickets.

3. Early Booking

Mostly, the prices of early booked airline tickets are lower than on time booking. People should plan their travel time as early as possible and purchase the tickets at least 3 weeks before the date of flight. Moreover, people can also inspect about the airline charges from consolidators. The rate of airline tickets offered by consolidators, mostly lower than others.  

4. Select the Day of Flight

People can show flexibility in days of journey if there is no hurry to arrive at required destination. Most of the airline offered cheapest air tickets for days of mid week. So, people can notice the rates on these days and reschedule the date of journey accordingly.

5. Time of Flight

Airlines are usually offered lower rates of air tickets for odd timing flights. So, if anyone has no concern with the time of flight, must purchase the lower rate tickets for those odd timing flights. Moreover, rates for air tickets of more than one step flight are considering lower than one step flights. 

6. Discounts and Offers

People should ask about the discounts and offers from the booking clerk of the airline. Mostly, some airlines give discounts and offer some packages with airline tickets like conveyance and free hotel rooms stay. So, people should contact with the airline companies offered these packages.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Statue of Zeus at Olympia

This is the statue of god in whose honor 1st ever-Olympic games were held in the history of mankind. This statue of Zeus was located on the land name Olympia which given its very name to Olympics.

Its located on the west coast of modern Greece in the ancient town of Olympia almost 150km west of Athens.

There is opinion that the ancient Greek calendar starts in 776 BC the year in which Olympic games were started. The splendid temple of Zeus was built around 450BC and the architect Libon designed it and the Athenian sculptor Pheidias made statue of Zeus. He started working on the statue of Zeus around 440 BC. In making of statue wooden frames, metal sheets and ivory was used.

The beauty of temple attracted the people and worshippers from all over the world for years. The statue was repaired in 2 BC skillfully. In the first century AD the Roman emperor Caligula tried to shift the statue to Rome but he failed to shift it because the scaffolding built by workmen was collapsed. The emperor Theodosius I banned the Olympic games in AD 391 as Pagan practices and also the temple of Zeus was ordered closed. Later on Olympia faced the natural disasters like earthquake, landslides and floods, and the temple was damaged by fire in the 5th AD. The rich Greeks transported the statue to Constantinople but it was destroyed in 462AD by massive fire.

Pheidias started working on the statue around 440BC and years earlier he developed a technique to build large size statues of gold and ivory. The workshop of Pheidias still exists in Olympia that can be a co incident that it’s so much identical in size and orientation to the temple of Zeus.

The base of statue was about 6.5 m (20 ft) wide and 1.0 (3 ft) high aside from its base the statue’s height was 13 m (40 ft) according to modern building heights its equal to a 4 story 4- story building.