Saturday, December 10, 2011

Top 5 Amazing Islands of The World

There are thousands of islands scattered around the world. Most of them will be beautiful and attractive also. An island is beautiful and always attracts the tourists; millions around world will be going to the islands of their choice for vacations. But here about islands I am going to tell are the most amazing islands of the world. So here are the world’s top five amazing islands:

1. Gunkanjima, Japan

This island is 15 km far from Nagasaki. The concrete large buildings in Japan were first ever built on this island. The thing that makes it famous are its coal mines. That island is sign of industrial era in Japan. Mitsubishi bought that island in 1890 with purpose of coal mining for the commercial purposes.

2. Surtsey Island, Iceland

A boat crew on November 14th, 1943 seen smoke coming out far in the sea. They thought that it’s any boat or ship on fire in the sea. But later on it was discovered that under water volcanic change had given birth to a new island. This island is also known as “ The Emerging Island”.

3. Easter Island, Chile

This island is having now no population. Its 36,00 km far from West Chile, before it was having population but now it’s taken over by Government. This island is famous for its cultural heritage and historic monuments.

4. Alcatraz Island, USA

Basically this island was taken by Government for recreation, it haves many buildings and also haves the prison. This island is located in the San Francisco Bay in California.

5. Mljet, Dubrovnik

This island reflects the true color of the nature, having a dense forest on it, which gives it a mysterious look, and there are already so many rumors about ghost and legends on this island.